PDF: Handwriting of Serial Killers

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This book gives a quick reference to those who are interested in serial killers, forensics, and for those who collect autographs. Think of this as a "collector" book that holds a museum of handwriting samples from 108 of the world's most notorious killers including you may have never heard of. As a 30 year international forensic handwriting expert Mozelle Martin has seen thousands of samples. Many were obtained while working as a Forensic Mental Health Professional in correctional settings and as an officer in a male medium-maximum security prison. Of these handwriting samples, about 85% were Schizoid Killers (those who murdered in cold blood and pre-planned their mission to do so). There are several types of Schizoid killers described within and they include the "Charmer", "Ambition", "Secret", "Obsessive", "Criminal", and ""Destroyer" types.