Paperback: Shattered to Shining (Mozelle's Powerful Memoir)

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Riveting, raw true story Mozelle Martin. With many photos, this book takes place in Arizona, Minnesota, and Texas. Adopted by alcoholic parents, raised an only child, she survived unimaginable abuse as she later struggled with healing and spirituality. The teen bullying, severe childhood abuse, grief, domestic violence, being held captive, surviving a stalker and hired gun, and more caused her to give up. With no will to survive, as a single parent, her inner child was ignored. Self-sabotage, forgiveness, emotional upheaval, anger, depression, anxiety, an unknown Asperger's diagnosis, and suicide attempts drove her to parent herself and reclaim a purpose through emotional agility, forgiveness of herself and others, etc. In this book she shares how she developed a mindset of success, which led her to become an international forensic expert. Having graduated with multiple psychology degrees, her passion for animal rescue drove her to help others heal too. An inspirational speaker, seasoned media commentator, and experienced trauma therapist, she shares her revolt from organized religion, her path to spirituality, and her life in a haunted 1800s Victorian hotel. Written diary-style, this is NOT a boring read. This is a perfect book or gift to help those who are struggling to find life's purpose, trying to heal and forgive, those who are held captive by anger, resentment, or toxic relationships. This is like a hidden self help book for women too and offers the perfect encouragement through her spiritual journey. As an adoptee, she shares adoption wisdom for both birth parents and adoptive parents alike. This autobiography or memoir will leave you wanting more as you turn the page with wild anticipation, not knowing what to expect next. You will have to remind yourself that this is a very active and engaging non-fiction as you confront your own emotions and finish this book empowered and ready to reach for the stars.