Paperback: Comfort Food: Memories from Childhood

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One summer day, Mozelle Martin woke up craving one of her grandmother’s sweets. That is when she realized she did not have any favorite recipes from her mother or either grandmother. You know the ones; the foods that helped comfort you during the tough “growing up” years. So, upon that very sad realization, she approached her mother and obtained as many of her favorites that she could. Unfortunately her one grandmother never passed down her Applesauce Cookies recipe, which was the one Mozelle craved that morning. As a mental health professional, Mozelle suggests that you use this time for some extra-bonding with your parents and grandparents to acquire all of your favorite recipes. Then some extra-bonding with your children to acquire their favorite recipes of yours, and add them to the blank pages within. Nothing fancy in here… just typed recipes copied from the handwritten versions. As a forensic handwriting expert, Mozelle also included some handwriting tips to have more fun in the kitchen.