2/17/18: Meet & Talk With Your Inner Child

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Everyone has an Inner Child - our childlike aspect which includes all that we learned and experienced as children, before puberty. The Inner Child denotes a semi-independent entity subordinate to the waking conscious mind and is best known as the lower third of a comprehensive model of the human psyche called the "Three Selves".

Do you know your Inner Child's name? Gender? Age?

If you have never acknowledged or communicated with your inner child, it is extremely likely (s)he is working against you with things such as addictions, abuse, self-doubt, anger, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, problems with forgiveness, grief, shame, and more!

Until you learn to accept each other...clarity of life purposes, happiness and goals will seem impossible!

Meet the most powerful person in your life so you two can work together to create vast possibilities!

** This class is a mandatory pre-requisite for the " Paint with Your Inner Child" workshop @ *

Only 20 seats available. Adults only; no pets please.


** Please NO children or pets **