3/04/18: Intuitive Panel: Rod, Cyndee. Mozelle & Jamie

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** SOLD OUT **

Join Rod Lyman, Cyndee Mubi, Mozelle Martin & Jamie Clark for an incredibly Powerful, Intimate and Inspirational night!

* Have an Important decision to make?
* Feel stuck or confused in your life?
* Need some guidance or clarification regarding the concerns that keep you awake at night or consumes your thoughts during the day?

** Using SCIENCE & INTUITION you will receive what you have been seeking **


When you first walk in, you will write a question, thought, or decision that is concerning or worrying you. You will NOT put your name on it. Once you have written it, simply drop your handwriting sample into the collection box, and get comfy while mingling with others.

When we start, Mozelle will randomly draw a sample out of the box, place it on her document camera so everyone can see it against the wall. Then she will use the science of handwriting analysis to give you answers and clarification. After she finishes, the other 3 will give you personal insight as well.

So, for an affordable investment of only $40, you will receive insight from all 4 individuals.

((OPTION: if you wish to prewrite your sample and bring with you, please view this video @ ))

** LIMITED SEATING to allow ample time for everyone to enjoy their message so RESERVE NOW right here.

** SOLD OUT **