4/14/18: Handwriting for Healing & Answers (H4H) Forum

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Are you feeling frustrated, depressed, anxious, disconnected, angry, indecisive, or are you self-sabotaging? Are you have problems in relationships? Bored with life and unsure why? Trying to decide on a career? Difficulty setting goals or following through on commitments? Anything else?

Did you know that the act of HANDWRITING uses more neurological brain activity than any other activity, following language which is # 1? If you are curious to know... music is #3.

Therefore, in this group setting, Mozelle Martin will provide you with individualized direction and support as guided by your anonymous handwriting sample. Through your brain, your handwriting your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious will work together thereby allowing Mozelle to accurately analyze what is going on within your body, mind, and / or spirit.

** YOUR HANDWRITING ALWAYS REMAINS 100% ANONYMOUS. Nobody know which writing sample is yours... not even Mozelle **

This is like having a one-on-one personal session with Mozelle. However, in this group setting, you get to connect with other awesome people and learn from other’s guidance and experience with Mozelle as well. This group experience will give you clarity and guidance, while increasing your self-awareness and spirituality. Mozelle also gives each person powerful tools to help move through their current situation. This class is open to any adult who feels they need extra guidance, clarification, and support.

Only 17 seats available. Please due to space and topics discussed, no children under 18 and no pets please.



CANNOT ATTEND? You can receive a PRIVATE one-on-one H4H session without leaving your home or office. Details @